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Our Story

Naturally Sweetened

Study Break's mission is to create a drink any of our friends could enjoy. Health and wellness has always been important to our friends and we want to emulate that lifestyle with zero sugar in our drinks. We tested all the natural sweeteners on the market and came up with our own blend of natural Stevia to lightly sweeten our drinks.

High ABV, Low-Calorie
Our friends always want more alcohol and less calories. We toss out the sugar, carbs, and other extras that increase calorie count. We don't need them for our drink to taste great, so why have them? 99% of our calories come from alcohol and at 6.9% ABV, you don't need to drink five to feel a buzz and start your #studybreak


We are tired of the not-so-subtle beer aftertaste of hard sodas and seltzers. So we are carving a new path for ourselves, ditching the malt, and partnering with a distillery to create our hard seltzer inspired by classic cocktails. This is all made possible by our fermented orange alcohol base. The result: a light, crisp drink that leaves us feeling reinvigorated and energized. After 2 years of development, we have come up with drinks we are proud to serve to any of our friends - old and new.

With Friends in Mind

Whether it was a New Year's party or just a casual Wine Wednesday, we created a drink that beer lovers, wine connoisseurs, and cocktail enthusiasts alike will enjoy. From our friends to yours, take a #studybreak

From Our Founder

I wanted to create a drink that embodied LA. This town is one-of-a-kind with people from all different backgrounds.

Whether it is the Lakers or Clippers, Dodgers or Angels, USC or UCLA, LA is unified by the teams and brands that call it home. Study Break was made to be an LA thing: by Angelenos, for Angelenos. Let's keep it that way while we drink.



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